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Board Of Directors 2017-2018

(Bottom row L to R): Eddie Dulom, Maria De La Milera, Carmen Romanach, Olivia Gonzalez, Graciela Anrrich, (Top row L to R): Javier Llorens, Ricardo Cata, Juan Pujol.


  • Carmencita Romanach, President
  • Graciela Anrrich, First Vice President
  • Juan Pujol, 2nd. Vice-President
  • Olivia Gonzalez, Treasurer
  • Maria De La Milera, Secretary
  • Miriam Castro, Director
  • Ricardo J. Cata, Director
  • Eddie Dulom, Director
  • Javier Llorens, Director
  • BOARD OF TRUSTEES (2017-2018)

    • Maximo Alvarez (FL)
    • Dr. Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes (GA)
    • Antonio L. Argiz, CPA (FL)
    • Dr. Jose Azel (MT, FL)
    • Arturo Bueno (CA)
    • Eloy A.Cepero (FL)
    • Bishop Octavio Cisneros (NY)
    • Angel D. Cordova (FL)
    • Dr. Carlos Eire (CT)
    • Bishop Felipe Estevez (FL)
    • Luis Gordillo (PR)
    • Marcos Kerbel (FL)
    • Justo A. Martinez (FL)
    • Senator Mel Martinez (FL)
    • Dr.Maria Prendes-Lintel (NE)
    • Eduardo A. Rabel (FL)
    • Fr. Fernando Rubio-Boitel (NM)
    • Lazaro San Martin (KS)
    • Gerardo Simms, Esq. (FL)
    • Dr. Victor A. Triay (CT)
    • Carmen Valdivia, RA (FL)
    • Jorge L. Viera (FL)

Operation Pedro Pan Group, Inc.

2016 Highlights

  • Toy Distribution at Centro Hispano Catolico.
  • Desayuno Martiano.
  • 2015 Highlights

    • Toy Distribution at Centro Hispano Catolico.
    • Desayuno Martiano.
    • Field Day at Camp Matecumbe/Annual Picnic.
    • OPPG Presentation at Jacksonville University Club
    • Election Lunch
    • OPPG Picnic/Matecumbe Field Day
    • OPPG Board of Directors Swearing In
    • Father's Day Breakfast
    • Operation Pedro Pan: The Cuban Children's Exodus Exhibit
    • HistoryMiami Family Fun Day
    • Sponsored trip to Seaquarium for children at Children's Village
    • Sponsored Bowling Event for children at Children's Village
    • Sponsored HistoryMiami Exhibit Tour and Lunch for children at Children's Village
    • Our Lady of Charity Mass
    • Panel Discussion: Remembering Operation Pedro Pan
    • Guateque at the HistoryMiami Museum
    • Annual Thanksgiving Gala at the Biltmore Hotel, Miami, Florida
    • Msgr. Bryan O. Walsh Memorial Mass
    • Christmas presents distributed to each kid at Children's Village
    • 2014 Highlights

      • Toy Distribution at Centro Hispano Catolico.
      • Desayuno Martiano.
      • Annual Picnic at Kendall Indian Hammock Park.
      • OPPG Presentation at The Sagemont School, Weston, Florida.
      • Election Lunch.
      • Catholic Charities Children's Village Fundraising Event.
      • Father's Day Breakfast at Miami Elks Lodge.(video)
      • Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh Street Unveiling.
      • Cauley Square Historic Village Get Together Night.
      • OPPG Presentation at Miami Dade College- Hialeah Campus.
      • Operation Pedro Pan Exhibit at HistoryMiami Announcement.
      • Legacy of Operation Pedro Pan: Shared Memories Workshop.
      • Tour of The Exile Experience: Journey to Freedom Exhibit at Freedom Tower.
      • Annual Thanksgiving Gala at Westin Colonnade, Coral Gables, Florida..
      • Thanksgiving Mass at St. Augustine Catholic Church..
      • Christmas Lunch at Lisboa-Habana Restaurant.
      • Msgr. Bryan O. Walsh Memorial Mass/Get Together.
      • 2013 Highlights

        • Operation Pedro Pan Scholarship Fund in honor of Jorge “George” and Peggy Guarch
        • Toy Distribution at Centro Hispano Catolico.
        • Desayuno Martiano.
        • Annual Picnic at Kendall Indian Hammock Park.
        • Miami-Dade Parks Recognition Plaque- for commitment to help children with disabilities at Camp Matecumbe
        • Swearing In Ceremony OPPG Board 2013-2014
        • Camp Matecumbe Celebration-Matecumbe High School's Class of 1963 50th Anniversary
        • Operation Pedro Pan Avenue Unveiling- Hialeah, Fl.
        • Sponsored Summer Camp for children at Children’s Village.
        • Donation to Villa Maria Residence in San Antonio, Texas.
        • Resolution 01-2013 – Ralph Sanchez Speedway Blvd. –in support of street designation
        • Meeting with international visitors from France’s Dpt. of “Protection sociale, travail e employ” at request of US Dpt. of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program
        • Mass in Tribute to Our Heroes - San Lazaro Church, Hialeah, Florida
        • Pedro Pan Street Dedication Ceremony at Kendall Camp / Camp Nostalgia Celebration
        • Annual Thanksgiving Gala
        • Memorial Mass for Msgr. Bryan O. Walsh
        • 2012 Highlights

          • Organizational Excellence Award for Historic Preservation, Advocacy and Education- Awarded to OPPG by Miami-Dade County Historic Preservation Board.
          • Florida Heritage Landmark Dedication Ceremony.
          • Pedro Pan Place Unveiling -former Florida City Camp
          • Toy Distribution at Centro Hispano Catolico and Children’s Village.
          • Desayuno Martiano-Felix Varela Hall.
          • Annual Picnic at Indian Hammocks Kendall Park
          • Donation to Bishop Agustin Roman Memorial Fund
          • Swearing Inn Ceremony 2012-2013 Board of Directors
          • Sponsored YMCA Summer Camp for children at Children's Village.
          • Lunch with Pedro Pan in Puerto Rico
          • Dr. Victor A. Triay's Talk on Ave Maria, Fl
          • OPPG Presentation at Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce Luncheon
          • 2011 Highlights

            2010 Highlights

            • Toy distribution to 400+ children at Centro Hispano Católico Day Care Center for Reyes Magos.
            • Desayuno Martiano to remember Jose Marti at Felix Varela Hall, Miami.
            • Conducted a Family Picnic at Crandon Park in Key Biscayne.
            • Held annual election meeting/breakfast to select new OPPG Board members.
            • Conducted a Book Drive for disabled children at Matecumbe Park.
            • Organized/funded summer activities, such as bowling, for minors at Children’s Village.
            • Granted scholarships to three college-bound high school seniors.
            • Funded purchase of items every 3 months for the small store at Children’s Village.
            • Conducted presentations about Operation Pedro Pan at colleges and universities.
            • Organized and conducted an emotional tour of Pedro Pan camps in South Florida.
            • Celebrated 50th Anniversary Weekend and Thanksgiving dinner-dance.
            • Held reunions in Central Florida, Puerto Rico, Washington DC for our 50th Anniversary.
            • Memorial Mass in memory of Monsignor Walsh and Departed Pedro Pan celebrated at several locations throughout the country.
            • Distributed Christmas presents to every child at the Children’s Village.

About Operation Pedro Pedro Pan Group, Inc.

OPERATION PEDRO PAN GROUP, INC. is the Official National Charitable organization founded in 1991 by the former unaccompanied Cuban children. It was created to fulfill the Pledge of Thanksgiving given in 1990, in which we honor the sacrifice of our parents and this noble nation that welcomed us, and the person that made it all possible, Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh. We felt it was our duty to pay back the kindness by helping today's needy children. OPPG Inc. is a non-partisan, non-sectarian and non-profit organization, tax exempt under Section 501 C3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh was the Chairperson of the organization until his death on December 20th, 2001. Under his direction, in order to protect & to allow the public to identify the organization and its services we obtained the Registration of our Trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Department of Commerce on December 1993.

All the unaccompanied Cuban minors who were part of the exodus now popularly known as Operation Pedro Pan, call ourselves Pedro Pans.

Our Board of Directors is formed by volunteers who were part of the exodus & are duly elected in a democratic process. The twenty five members of the Board of Trustees are our "Ambassadors of Good Will" and assist in locating Pedro Pans and connect with over 2000 members throughout the US and the world. Our headquarter is in Miami, Florida.


  1. To sponsor, aid, assist and promote programs that benefit children in need. This includes children without parents (unaccompanied minors) and the needy, regardless of race, creed, color or religion.
  2. To document our history for the future generations and to spread the knowledge of our exodus as an important chapter of the history of Cuba and the United States.
  3. To locate and reunite those individuals who were part of the unaccompanied Cuban Children's Program and to share our experiences.

We are currently the support group for the Child Welfare Programs of Catholic Charities in Miami which includes Catholic Home for Children in Perrine and the Boystown Unaccompanied Minor’s Program. We will contribute to and help with the preservation of the Pedro Pan Archives at Barry. We have organized Pedro Pan Conferences and historical presentations in places such as the US National Archives, Annual Reunions in Miami and other States, picnics for the needy children, assisted in Hurricane relief efforts and other humanitarian causes. For the last 17 years we have played the roles of Santa Claus & Los Reyes Magos for the underprivileged children. OPPG spearheaded the effort to preserve "Camp Matecumbe" as a Park, a living memorial to our Exodus for the future generations. In our effort to spread the knowledge of our exodus we have contributed information and materials to numerous writers, scholars and students in their projects. Most importantly, we have been helping Pedro Pans find each other since 1990.